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Corfu is the northernmost and second largest island of the Ionian Sea, the Ionian Sea. It is a cosmopolitan city that exudes a sense of nobility and characterized by the Venetian point, and many English and French influences.

Corfu is full of beautiful beaches, impressive archaeological, historical and religious monuments, multidimensional nightlife and boasts all modern facilities.

It offers great attractions and places worth visiting, some of which are:

* Old Fortress of Corfu
* New Fortress of Corfu
* Liston
* Mouse
* Cannon
* Mon Repos
* Statue of Schulenburg
* Reading Society of Corfu

* Corfu Town Hall
* Square Esplanade
* Church of Saint Spiridon
* Byzantine Church of St. Jason and Sosipatros
* The Memorial Menekratis
* Archaeological Museum of Corfu
* Sea Museum